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14 Days|From $3142

From the villages of the Cinque Terre to Tuscany's medieval splendour, this is an adventure for those looking to indulge in all of Italy’s delights. Walk through grand piazzas and winding lanes, stroll the canals of Venice, and float past villas on Lake Como. Marvel at the ancient grandeur of Rome and the Renaissance masterpieces of Florence. Your expert local CEO (Chief Experience Officer) will take care of the details so you can travel at a leisurely pace and appreciate the scenery, whether it’s sipping vino in Tuscany or sampling local delicacies within the walls of charming Montepulciano. Experience the best of Italy in this all-encompassing tour.


  • Experience me dieval and Renaissance delights.
  • Savour the sea views and Tuscan hills.
  • Discover a passion for regional wines and Italian cuisine.
  • Explore the elegant countryside of Lake Como by boat.
  • Wander over the canals and bridges of Venice.

Tour map


14 Days seeing Italy

  • Day 2 : Rome
  • Day 3 : Rome/Montepulciano
  • Day 4 : Montepulciano
  • Day 5 : Montepulciano/Florence
  • Day 6 : Florence
  • Day 7 : Florence
  • Day 8 : Florence/Cinque Terre
  • Day 9 : Cinque Terre
  • Day 10 : Cinque Terre/Lake Como
  • Day 11 : Lake Como
  • Day 12 : Lake Como/Venice
  • Day 13 : Venice
  • Day 14 : Venice
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