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The Caribbean island country of Jamaica features a beautiful landscape with mountains, rainforests, and beaches flanked with coral reefs. At Montego Bay, which is recognized for its British colonial architecture, and Negril, which is well-known for its diving and snorkeling spots, are concentrated many of its all-inclusive resorts. Reggae music is said to have originated in Jamaica, and the country's capital, Kingston, is where the Bob Marley Museum honors the well-known performer.


Why travel with us

Traveling with Vacation Mode Travel Club to Jamaica is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a memorable and enjoyable vacation experience. The club offers a wide range of travel packages to suit every taste and budget, from luxury all-inclusive resorts to more budget-friendly options. Jamaica is known for its breathtaking natural beauty, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant culture, and Vacation Mode Travel Club provides opportunities to explore all that the island has to offer. With exceptional customer service and attention to detail, the club ensures that your trip is stress-free and full of adventure. Whether you're interested in soaking up the sun on the beach, trying new foods, or exploring the local sights and attractions, Vacation Mode Travel Club has got you covered.


Where are we staying


Bahia Principe
Runaway Bay

Bahia Principe is a luxurious resort located in Runaway Bay, Jamaica, that offers a truly unforgettable vacation experience. The resort boasts stunning ocean views, pristine beaches, and world-class amenities that cater to guests of all ages. With a variety of accommodation options, from elegant suites to spacious villas, Bahia Principe is the perfect destination for couples, families, and groups of friends. The resort features multiple restaurants serving a range of international cuisine, including Jamaican specialties, and offers a host of activities, such as water sports, tennis, and golf. With attentive staff, impeccable service, and an emphasis on relaxation and fun, Bahia Principe is an ideal choice for anyone looking to indulge in a tropical paradise.


  • Day 1 - Arrive at Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay
  • Day 2 - Day of relaxation at the resort
  • Day 3 - Montego Bay Tour
  • Day 4 - Kingston - Montego Bay- Evening Reggae Catamaran Cruise
  • Day 5 - Negril Day Trip and Rick's CafĂ©
  • Day 6 - Day of relaxation at the resort
  • Day 7 - Departure